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Modifikasi Vespa Jeep Style from Semarang

Actually I personally do not really know or even do not know at all about the Vespa output years old. Idly browsing, I found some data and information. I sadur from various sources, the following information I got, hopefully useful and if it is wrong please straightened out, if less please add.

Modifikasi Vespa Stretch Scooter

Glad to be the center of attention? Looks like you deserve to have a Vespa scooter output of this one. How not automatic Vespa in South Africa are sold in a version of the limousine. Why how come?

Because of the unusual size, the Vespa can carry four people at once! And this might be a Vespa scooter in the world's longest mass-produced manufacturers.

Stretch Vespa scooter is named Scooter. The shape is not much different with automatic Vespa circulating in Indonesia, only, this Vespa two times longer than normal Vespa. Likewise, the Vespa is still using two wheels.

Well, if you want to walk in the afternoon with your lover, the Vespa is ready to lift the prospective in-laws (camer) at once! Maybe that the camer'll love you. How much does it cost? Unfortunately, not yet discovered how much amount required to redeem this Vespa.

At least, for you penghobby modification, this model may be your own creations. (Source: inilah)

Modifikasi Vespa 1979 Style Zyzspan

"GO AWAY on Sundays .. .. Up With Vespa's new girlfriend around town .. Up .. My heart is so happy binaria .." Fragment of a song called Picnic '72 brought Naif it seems to be more exciting if the picnic was done with her Vespa sidecar owned by Heri "Koco" Sonata, the man who has a Vespa shop and home modifications in Serpong Cilenggang this area.

Koco's Vespa is a Vespa in 1979. At first he bought a Vespa is the original full conditions for 650 thousand. With the initial goal for the hobby alone, she with her parents who are fond of modifying the Vespa shoulder to shoulder to change the appearance of his favorite mounts. His ideas were derived from themselves.

Now the view is very interesting Vespa with a sidecar dipadukannya (zyzspan) or the next train. Vespa sidecar accompanying plat was not made of sheets in general, but using a plate drum. "Sidecar was the result of the formation itself, rather than buy so," said Koco to Mediaindonesia.com.

"Initially there was no sidecar. Original Vespa in Italy too. Sidecar Variations in Italy most of the right motor, while the sidecar enthusiasts in Indonesia put it on the left engine," added a member VBSD Koco, a club for lovers Vespa in seputaran BSD Tangerang .

Although originally not planned to include riding Koco to the interests of the various competitions, but it seems the facts say otherwise. In an automotive competition event "Speed of Modification" from January 31 until February 1, 2009 yesterday, Vespa bright red with white stripes that have won two awards at once. He won "The Best Vespa 1" and "The Best Most Fungki" for the category of motorcycles.

Not only concerned with his appearance, the Vespa is also equipped with sound system. But Koco admitted presence at the horse's sound system just for the additional aspects of entertainment. To menaggung electrical load from the presence of a subwoofer in Vespanya it, Koco must adopt car batteries for electricity Vespanya 60 amperes.

One proof of the audience likes the work of Koco is coming of a sudden offer from a visitor competition. "He immediately offered cash payments amounting to 10 million for my Vespa motor. But I reject it because they still want to use it at once took the name VBSD club," said Koco who claims to have spent at least 5 million beyond the cost of labor for the modification Vespanya. (OL-02)pict:MI/Mario source:.mediaindonesia.com/mediaoto

Modifications Scooter Vespa Kentus Classic

What's in the mind when you hear the word 'Japan'? State of progress and sophistication with the technology side by side but remain consistent with the cultural uniqueness. Or one of the country that is now seen as the starting center of the world fashion trend. Or may also be one of the largest automotive manufacturers in dunia.Well, all the above is generally a fairly accurate description of Japan, especially for the last mentioned. As one of the largest manufacturers of automotive, Japan succeeded in exporting its products to various countries dibelahan world. Even the successful market in some countries. Various types of vehicles, both four wheels and two wheels of different types of succession enliven the world automotive market.

In addition to the car or the motor itself, there is one thing that is also quite interesting to be, the modification of the style of the country's sunrise. Style of ornamentation that is now also began to participate in the infecting various parts of the world.

Motor Vespa Modified Chooper Style

Scooter or a Vespa is still synonymous with Dilirik as favorite mount. Moreover, Vespa can also appear after the masculine style chooper modifications. Vespa motor chooper following modifications can perhaps Conference Vespa you to reorganize your property to appear more masculine.

For fans of Vespa, there are several streams; there who like vintage, restaurants, and modification. So any modifications to the flow is divided again: british / mod style to ask the British Scooter style 60-70s era, modification touring, racing modifications, modifications rat-bike, and last modification chooper.
Modifications chooper began to bloom in the early 2000s. This probably stems from the idea of a pocket Scooter mediocre but would like to have a motor like chooper.

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Modifikasi Yamaha RX King : Legend of the king with the power inside 2010

This is a modification of shipments from Java land, precisely the city of Solo. Mas Suryo is that sending photos to my bike modification Via Fesbuk networking. Actually there are two motors that are sent to me megapro and RX king. In this article RX king was chosen for TMC perched on the blog. Title article itself, Legend of the king with the power inside, which make Mas Suryo. Ok let's get started. According to the owner, is themed Speed Motorcycle Touring. Motorcycle touring is very pleasant to be kenceng so about its meaning.

What wrote that a change in the motor that menghabisakan Modif 8 Jeti fund this?

Yamaha RX King Modifications - Specifications:

* Carburetor: NSR SP
* Kop cylinders: Yamaha YZ
* Magnet Set: Yamaha YZ
* Piston: Daytona
* Gas Spontaneous Daytona
* Muffler: 3v3 Solo By Beny Teeth
* Rear Shock: Yoshimura
* Swing Arm: SuperTrack Oval
* Headlights-back: New RX King
* Front tire: Duro R 17
* Rear Tires Duro R18
* Wheels: DID
* Accessories Brake Lever: YMAX

Modisikasi Honda Vario 2010 Bermandikan Batu Permata

Modisikasi Honda Vario 2010 Bermandikan Batu Permata

About art, Bali should not be resisted, deh. In modifying the motor, as has been done Bayu Santoso on Honda Vario 2006, they not only highlight the flow of low rider alone. Colors melaburi body has its own meaning. Then, the whole body filled with hundreds of gemstones.

Bayu choose the color purple not because want to appear classy. Color is a philosophy. If in Sanskrit, the man from Bali is clear, purple has the meaning of luck, perfection, and the friendliness of the owner.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010

Not surprisingly, elegant and sporty blend modification resulting Bayu so perfect. Starting from front to back (nearly 80 per cent), this motor uses fiber material, such as fused, with a neat detail. Includes indentations on the body, that part is made of futuristic and redesigned. That way, part of the standard body has not left.

Headlights, although still the standard, the house was made more pointed by a shield which has been separated from the body. As for the rear, for a strong sporty impression, then re-designed like MotoGP. As a result, the seat model was turned into single seater.

Various components of variation to support the sporty appearance was installed. There is a cardboard model racing front suspension SRX Racing, which combined disc brakes. To handle, cardboard selected Yoshimura. Then, the instrument panel also nuanced sport.

Meanwhile, Bayu'll enjoy an elegant impression on the deck. "Deck the bottom of the neck is made extra to cover the exhaust," said the modifiers of everyday use Honda Vario it to the office. To prevent the bottom of the fiber is not broken due to impact by hard objects, then the part was coated plate.

Besides color, inviting attention to the appearance of this Vario is a sprinkling of precious stones in the whole body. The amount was abysmal responsibility, ie, 450 grains. This amount is reasonable because the distance between the gem-stones of 10 cm. Until the handlebars and the saddle was attached gemstone. (Belo) Source:http://otomotif.kompas.com Foto:MOTOR PLUS/GT

Modified Honda Vario 2008 New Genre "Low Rider" From Denpasar

There is a new genre in modifying the flow of low-rider. The source from Denpasar, Bali, works modifier Rian Cahyadi against Honda Vario 2008.

Typical low rider style that uses a retreat-retreat maintained. "Only 15 cm pullback," he said. Rian with flag Aboben Variation (AV) try to apply new concepts to the body to look like a robot.

The back is completely new. This section uses fiber material. According to him, with great grooves, there was no sign of the Vario.

The front, though has changed shape, outline still follows the original cover body. Belo a typical lamp lights replaced with a more narrow and sharp. In addition, the side wings are larger and given grid to reinforce the impression of sporty. "In addition to sporty catch, to offset the stern of the many curves," said Rian.

Rian carefulness in selecting the components of variation deserves thumbs up. Like the exhaust, the choice of artificial Yoshimura exhaust for Ninja 250R in order to offset the large body of fairly precise. That felt better because, she said, which plated muffler suitable for this modification concept.

Finally, the body is given a cutting sticker-inspired logos electrical. One of them biohazard logo that is identical with nuclear waste. (Nurfil) Editor: Bastian Source:http://otomotif.kompas.com

Modifikasi Honda Tiger Facelift 200 CC (2010)

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to add new variants in the sports segment with the launch of Honda Tiger facelift without any ceremonial event. The aim is to strengthen market penetration, as well as to reproduce Honda Tiger variant that has been dominating the sport bike class above 200 cc.

Although the facelift, it looks more elegant and loaded with character sport touring.
If previously only rely on asymmetric model with two lights, then Tiger is now back again to the model of a single lamp (rounded single headlight). The difference is, with a single lamp, motor design is more prominent modern explorers.

At the top there is the main light visor. This display makes it look more sporty Tiger and gallant. In addition, a new design on the front lamp bracket aluminum buffer and the panel meter which is coated chrome color adds a luxurious feel and style of the new Tiger variant.

Meanwhile, the long variant of Honda Tiger is also changing. This can be seen from the design line and color of the body which now appear more aggressive. Design the two asymmetrical light integrating an advanced design concept and appearance of the European motor which raises the design of advanced motor cruiser.

Despite having a different view, AHM marketing of both variants of Honda new Tiger is the same price, is USD 24.89 million (on the road DKI Jakarta). For variants of a single lamp, Honda make it available in three colors, ie Black Bromo, Red Krakatoa, and Grey Leuser. The asymmetric variant of the lamp has a choice of four colors, ie Black Makaly, Red Savano, Grey Elbrus, and Carstensz White.

Marketing Director of PT AHM Julius Aslan said, although sales volume is not as big duck and scooter segment, sales growth was relatively stable type of sport. The contribution of this type of sport in national motorcycle market between 8 percent and 10 percent. source:http://otomotif.kompas.com

Honda Tiger 2005 Modified Aprilia

If you have a collection of image output Aprilia motorcycle, maybe a little confused with this view. At the bottom of the fairing and the tank is written Aprilia, but the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's catalog did not find that model. Then, the original of the bike is also gone.

In order not to wonder, is the original motorcycle Honda Tiger 2005, which has been modified by the G2C. Remarkably, all the body is made from 0.8 mm galvanized material is definitely more difficult than composing fiber using a mold.

In concept, according to Hery Shofiyulloh, fairingnya modeled Yamaha R6 model, but its size is adjusted again. Medium tank indeed imitate Aprilia design that has some curves and it becomes a challenge.

Unlike swing arm (arm) made his own. "That is to ensure the size fits within the body. That's the difference compared with the swing arm.'ve Pegged and baseball become creative again," said Ward who fly the same Hery benderan G2C.

Other Ward creations that deserve to thumbs-up, see the exhaust design. To view and model is not lost with the new motor. The form frightening with two snouts and position in the undertail. "The shape of the curve mufflers we also note, made in tune with the design of the rear body. So between the body and the exhaust is stuck not contradictory," said Hery. (Nurfil)
Editor: Bastian Sumber :http://otomotif.kompas.com photo:MOTOR PLUS/ADIB

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Harley-Davidson Chopper Modifications American Style

Here’s the most extreme chopper modifications ever.. if you was the lover of chopper style this picture below might be a great inspiration for you before you modify your chopper style motorcycle…

Harley-Davidson Chopper Modifications American Style

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2005 Style Motor Sport Classic

Ressa Wintananda modifications made to this extreme spelled. Imagine, he changed his Yamaha Mio 2005 into motor sport male model of classical style. Reza, greeting familiar, claiming it wanted to escape the flow style low rider, hot rod or drag style again loved the builder skutik.
According to him, he preferred a classic. Any decision not alter motor intention karerna he wanted to join the contest. "I wear these motors make around buying parts," he said.

Although used for daily, he could say his work is creative and innovative, can even say extreme because of Yamaha Mio, used engine only. Already then, the position behind the machine that skutik be in the middle of moving locations.

Interestingly, telelever front suspension system. Like shells with a single model in the middle of the top positions, precisely under the handlebars. Then, the front wheel held one arm to follow the rear. Sokbreker design also includes a single rear located between the tank and the front seat.

Custom sizes 14-inch alloy wheels wrapped with 160/70 size tires Swallow. According to Reza, frame made from scratch by adjusting the dimensions of the engine and CVT. "I adjust the framework of its strength, although small diamaternya. But, the quality of welding-lasannya should be good for strength," said Reza from home modifications KMS four wheels, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta.

Though built not to participate in the contest, in fact, when displayed in the arena of Yamaha Mofest Modification Contest 2, region 1 in the City of Gudeg, Reza won trophies as winners of Non-class II X-Treme mopeds. (Source: kompas.com)

Modified Yamaha Mio 2007 Style Racing Look

Modification no death. No exception from the town of Sidoarjo, East Java. This time Budi Widanarko Indomodif display creations, able to juggle Yamaha Mio 2007 so the new look more stylish. In a modification, builder of Venus Customized racing that brought the concept of look. It seemed to go against the flow, while in East Java modification of the drag force again fever and low rider look.

Even if reforms are carried out on Yamaha Mio 2007 Budi limited fashion, many racing ornament attached. Most prominently, these two types of slick tire wear (without development).

Then the front suspension upside-down faces made the model so as to become a long and large. Perhaps this skubek first rooster made in Sidoarjo. In fact, according to Budi, the custom itself soknya wearing a variation of the Mio. "Beneath still use a Mio, is the kind wrapped in condoms with a 2-inch pipe. Chromated For his finishing," he said.

To approach the display of motor racing, on the deck of the middle frame made stabilizer. Only a limited''for the display, baseball functions like in racing,''Budi light.

The rear also revamped. Like monosok, got stuck in Mio MX. -Custom seat in order to save the battery so that people think baseball there is the battery.

In order to make the motor display in accordance with the concept, hollow cover model constrained CVT (add more) I'll look excited. Budi this bold step has a great risk when used for daily. Because CVT should free of dust, oil, and water. But, again, Budi want to display their work on a clean Mio. Hence, many parts of the chromated. (Source: kompas.com)

Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra Style Suzuki Satria FU 170cc

Modifikasi motor Honda Supra

Honda Karisma 125D Modifikasi Spesifikasi dan Gambar

Honda Karisma 125D Modification Detail :

Tires-Front: Mizzle 90/80-17
Tires-Rear: 110/80-17 Tire Deli
-Velg: tread width Rochell Racing
Front-fender: Kaze zx 130
Rear-fender: Mio
-Spy: Honda Supra X 125
Jok-: re-design by Afas Jok
Rear-Shockbreaker: Kanzen Taurus
Standard side-Modify and change the middle and high shock big tires
Bracket-box: GIVI (* optional)
Chain-and Gir Set: TK combinations 14-37
-Oli: Repsol Moto 15W-50
Modifications motor not know the type. Honda Karisma which seemed to form the original ‘plain’ can also be dimodif model of vicious streetfighter. As Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS) on this one. He named his work of Shiva (read: Siwa). He mengartikannya god of creation.
Here, the characteristics ditonjolkan Budi street fighter duck through the strength of the bones knit. Especially in the backbone of the pipe Ducati Monster Tubular style, combined with the swing arm (swing arm) from a single Veltermoto (Italy). For foot-feet, “have a full set Velg NSR 150 SP. Senada order, comfort peranti alias also use NSR shock,” said builder who is fond fitness.

Honda Karisma 125D Modification Detail :
Tires-Front: Mizzle 90/80-17
Tires-Rear: 110/80-17 Tire Deli
-Velg: tread width Rochell Racing
Front-fender: Kaze zx 130
Rear-fender: Mio
-Spy: Honda Supra X 125
Jok-: re-design by Afas Jok
Rear-Shockbreaker: Kanzen Taurus
Standard side-Modify and change the middle and high shock big tires
Bracket-box: GIVI (* optional)
Chain-and Gir Set: TK combinations 14-37
-Oli: Repsol Moto 15W-50

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Yamaha RX King Semi Chrome Modification 2010

Of the many classes that are contested in a motorcycle contest, show, MOTODIFY Djarum Black, held in the building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) is one class Sport Modif. Who said motor output class Yamaha RX King motorcycle can not be stylish. Proof RX Red King's new urban population is competing with other contestants in the same class at the PCC (7 / 11).

Motor lansiran year 2004 is already owned by the owner for one year terahir. "I've had this bike for a year," Arfan says. Because of his love for the automotive sector in particular motorcycle, he was the original Pontianak memodif bike to be included as well as enliven Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak. "At first I wanted to change my bike look a little, but because many ideas from my friends so I gave entirely on mechanics," continued the man who worked as private employees.

In pengerjaanya, motor bike, known as "jambret" This failure began with chrome process whose outcome is not in accordance with her wishes. "At that time my motorcycle chrome, I spend fees for the cost of chrome and processing fee of three million but failed, because it seems krommya (occur-red) is why now we play only paint," explained the man who headed this pelontos.

Motor is completely done by having the workshop Gondes modif named Tepos Polishing based in glorious full moon. In Gondes hand, "the jambret" was changed to more sangar road style but looks more Resik with chrome in some parts of the motor. First of all motor candytone polished red paint and varnish given. In addition there are some changes in some parts as in the light of the lamp is replaced by a custom mask. Adopting a gas cartridge Magura products strengthens the impression more and more sporty.

Part of the legs also experience the shock front rombakan using upside down and the front brake to adopt Tromol ninja ninja with a double disc, but still use the innate KALIPER and brake factory. While on the rear suspension uses brand YSS and swing arm with a product standard evicted to make it look super solid tracks. Not only that, the rear brakes were experiencing a revolution using the disc with Ninja and KALIPER Tromol plant innate.

Some variations also landed on this contest including motorcycle handlebar handlebar adopting Suzuki RG 150, air filter koso property and use the product headlights Supra 125. This motor also apply the latest breakthrough by using the radiator's Yamaha Jupiter MX. "The radiator is functioning, not just a variation," Arfan says. For the kitchen runway Arfan ensure that the bike in standard conditions. "For still the standard engine," he said. Just look custom racing exhaust that adds sporty impression. Not much is expected Arfan this modification in the contest, participants have themselves quite happy to still more to be champion in the category that followed. "Yes, my bike still wanted to be champions," he concluded. [sp / timABT]

Modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio Sporty 2010

Concept Thole maybe a new name in the ears of the world of modification, but after judging the background there is the name of the town of Fertile Pandaan must immediately know exactly how the results are always innovative modifnya workmanship with excellent finishing.

Yamaha MIO Pandaan '07

In besutan Yamaha Mio Panjul Sofi's output in 2007, he began to experiment different from the racing-style look that is now more prevalent. neo

Indeed the trend in the year 2010 the transfer of body heat is getting it, not just besutan funky, style, racing look is also subject to impact. Bodi-bodi kinds in Sofi's, handlebar top shell used dicoak owned Honda Beat the bottom side, ducking his impression increasingly involved with the handlebars cut and bent. Rear tail also replaced half of the body's Satria Fu is more slender and conical.

ORDER Bolong
Chassis parts are most likely just been painted with a bright screen, make the Fertile must be different. These side holes made with a large drill bit. Impression to be made as light as possible, even lip pierced rim Rossi participate.

Under no fun losing side, the tube pretentious front of the tube dicustom standard. Model plus the meat with a dibubut iron materials. The lower part is made of carved box with a screw-like tube cursory USD. Create YSS rear monosok made Satria's fall, the holder used a modified chassis further downward.

Disc disc not again be placed back in the house CVT, but go outside the house axle. So the house had to cut half of CVT in order to highlight the impression more and more clean and light, let alone Tromol was taken behind the bike's front Tromol smaller. Pairs of discs of this trend beyond the idea of domestic emang Thailand.

SOK DPN: Custom, discs: Tiara, Tromol: Handmade, SOK BLK: YSS, rim: Rossi, TIRE: 200/17 Swallow, ORDER: Hole, mask: Honda Beat, aft: Satria FU, Ignition: Rextor Program, OIL COOLER : Custom, Exhaust: AHRS, tank: Custom, Stang: Custom, stabilizer bar: TacoBell, GAS: Magura, AIRBRUSHER & modifier: Thole Concept (Yan Motor)

Modifikasi Honda Revo Hottest Graphic Airbrush Contest

No useless wander away from Bandung to Palembang, and this is good enough for young people. The reason Ian Suryana, 27 are from Bandung have found life and love of the automotive two-wheeler. Proven in Palembang he could live independently and successfully making modifications to the motorcycle airbrush favorite New Honda Revo. Isabella thus the nickname given by the owner for the Revo lansiran 2007.

Interested in Graphis and consider modifications to appear prominently in color application "ngejreng", and also thanks to the advice and opinion from friends in Palembang clubnya Motor Club was chosen airbrush with pink Graphis. This decision was taken based on the consideration that in Palembang for color Graphis is still relatively small, so says the man who has a service bureau business vehicle registration is extended. Airbrush work is entrusted to the Posyan garage located in the city of Flower, the cost spent around Rp 7 million.

There is one interesting thing at the exact legs alloy, in order to align with the bright display Ian chose the material thickness of 1 cm ACRILYC as a replacement wheel. "The purpose of the use ACRILYC so it looks increasingly merged with bodinya bright, although not part dibrush", he said.

Sector support legs, the device chosen suspension system with a custom system upside down. Other tools available in the form of wheel braking system, in the front still rely KALIPER Revo's rear while braking device was placed in a Satria.

Standard engine and racing away from the impression, then all the components contained in the original kitchen aka runway still had not changed one bit. Chrome coating color into all parts of the machine for the Revo. Only look at the stern exhaust some fruit with extraordinary measures.

Modifikasi Kawasaki Binter Merzy "Anaconda"

Creativity Raynaldo Handoko from Semarang diacungi deserve two thumbs up. How not. Only capital Machinery KZ-200 Binter merzy a given friend is now in Australia-Modified BJM retainer which also variations traders, importers moge waste once it is able to bear chopper builder who sangar ProStreet.

Raynaldo here, which is familiarly called Han-Han, to utilize existing mengumbar ideas in his brain. The choice, the style of the genre masterpiece of American chopper style. "The idea is to see from the plots Chica Custom Chopper, United States," he explained.

He relied on in creating handmade. Starting from the frame, body, taped up trappings variations. In addition, he has cultivated a strong and terkonsep details.

Almost all sides until Footstep, standards, and the brake lever is formed through captivating taste. "His name is also handmade, we become more flexible in creating," he explained.

To frame constructed of pipe scudule 3 / 4 dim neatly formed and measured precision. Because, rather than merely being pursued beautiful, but can be worn comfortably. "Do not get in a good shape, but when it climbed only baseball center because of faulty design," added Han-Han.

Anaconda wearing body resembling a galvanized plate. Technically, the cultivation of 0.8-mm plate materials is quite complicated. Have to be patient and neat and symmetrical because not enough just to set up master and print like fiberglass.

"That's where his art. In addition to consideration as well as connect the body from front to back, it must seem sturdy plastic and does not impress," why choose disposable plates.

Another performance of the work of the prominent Han-Han, see the distinctive exhaust design tastes of the chopperis. Two short lengths of pipe bent at the sloping sides of the machine. Then, air filter, swing arm, and several sharp curves dominated motor side, supporting the body design of Anaconda.


a little Review about HONDA CBR 150R:

The Honda CBR150R is powered by a 149.4cc 4-stroke carburetted single cylinder 4 valve DOHC engine with 11.0:1 compression and CDI ignition, mated to a 6-speed wet clutch manual transmission. It produces 18.5 Bhp at 10500 rpm and 13.5 Nm of torque at 8500 rpm.

Main Features of Honda CBR150R:

* DOHV 4-valve 150 cc water-cooled engine with balancer shaft.
* 6-speed return manual transmission.
* Front and rear disc brakes.
* Key slot cover for better protection against theft.
* Monoshock rear shock absorber.
* Secondary Air Supply System (SASS) which delivers extra air to the exhaust system for cleaner emission.
* Catalytic Converter.

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Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Soul Low Rider 2010 Jakarta

modifications that lead to the motor was also designed with the concept certainly kept thinking what if it will be used daily. Likelihood estimate of the energy produced by the same motor body that has changed. Including, new components added. Forefront of this concept may.